Tekno Mage Computer Repair Bluffton, SC


Basic computer repair from hardware to software issues and everything in between. Got a problem with your printer, your internet, or getting the blue screen of death? We do just about everything computer related and most services can even be done remotely!

Computer Software Repair

Software repair is where we start the diagnosis process. If a program is not installed correctly, you are running out of storage space, or your computer is riddled with malware and viruses let us take over and repair the issue.

Basic Hardware Support

We’ll help with everything from adding memory, replacing components, and swapping hard drives. Data recovery from either accidental deletion, or failure of a hard drive, can be taken care of as well! For severe cases, we would engage a third party data recovery service.

Gaming PC Support

We’re gamers, too, and understand how frustrating it can be when things just don’t work right. Let us help with that build, or get the overclock tweaked, or even help you figure out why this one particular game just won’t work and it’s aggravating you to no end.

Website Setup and Design

Let us get your business, blog, or family site up and running online. We will find a trustworthy server and set up a WordPress based website. We can also offer logo and design services, as well as email set up.

Miscellaneous Services

Need help with tech that is not computer related? Everything from programming universal remotes, setting up your sound systems, and more. We will not run wires through walls, but are happy to help you find a service that will. All your home tech needs can be managed.